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When I started this blog I just wanted to be able to write a bit for my friends. I wanted to write about my (Miss) usually hilarious, always insightful, and sometimes tragic blunders (Misses).  I didn’t put much effort or thought into it. That changed when I realized that a lot of people, people I didn’t know, were able to relate to what I was writing. We’ve all been in terrible relationships. We’ve all doubted ourselves. We’ve all been in awkward situations. We’ve all laughed, and cried, and hurt. Not all of us have grown from those experiences and that’s why I’m here.

That’s what this blog is about. Helping you, encouraging you, motivating you, laughing with you, and growing with you through whatever is it you’re going through. I’m a friend, a sister, a guide, a helping hand and a confidante. I’m using this as an opportunity to let my hair down and be honest. It won’t always be pretty but it will be real. I started to write this with women like me in mind but I’ve found that what I’m writing about is extremely universal. Black, brown, white, Muslim, Atheist, cis-gendered, bisexual, however you choose to identify yourself, this is for you because it all comes down to loving yourself, loving your community, and loving your life.

I’ve seen what happens when people grow older but not wiser. There’s nothing worse than seeing people miss their full potential, or happiness because they were afraid to confront themselves and do the work. I know how much it sucks. Believe me! Been there, done that. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, you name it. I struggled because I refused to deal with it. But then I started to do the work — therapy, journaling, learning how to manage my emotions, and how to diffuse them in non-destructive ways. I’ve grown a lot from the work and I know I still have more to do.

So sit a spell, learn some life lessons, grab some free resources, and sound off in the comments. Start here and if you like what you’ve read, subscribe and add me on social media!



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Life, Love, & The Mistakes That Come With

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