23 Things 23 Taught Me

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In celebrating my 24th year on this Earth I decided to look at the crapfest that was 23 and unearth all the hidden gems the tears, depression, shitty decisions, and handy push-up bras had to offer. 23 was fraught with life lessons, here are just a few I learned the hard(est) way.

1) You have a free will. You are not a slave to circumstance. You are not obligated to fate. You can always make a different choice.

2) Living in your past is a great way to avoid investing in your future.

3) Don’t chase someone else’s shooting star, don’t act in someone else’s play, don’t write yourself in someone else’s story. What’s for your neighbor might not be for you.

4) Silence is filled with the truth. Embrace it.

5) You will do anything necessary to survive. Treasure that. Your will to live is nothing you should be ashamed of.

6) You owe nothing to no one and are owed nothing as well.

7) Whatever’s on your mind, say it now, do it now. There’s nothing worse than realizing your clock’s run out with a full to-do list.

8) You choose the people in your life. Choose wisely.

9) An issue does not go away because you ignore it. Your avoidance is its permission to grow. Face it head on.

10) Fear is a prison that you send yourself to with the key in hand. Commute the sentence and live your life the way you want.

11) Perfection is poison to creativity.

12) Those dreams you had as a child are still attainable. If the people around you don’t see or support that, then make some cast changes.

13) Sometimes quitting doesn’t mean the goal wasn’t worth it, it means you didn’t think you were worthy of the goal.

14) Don’t compare your living body to someone’s still photo. Comparison will always leave you unsatisfied because it is rife with assumptions but rarely the truth.

15) Love freely but give your heart discriminately. The requestor must earn YOU, not the other way around.

16) You define who you are. No one else has the right nor should you grant anyone the privilege.

17) God already gave your heart a soulmate — it’s your mind.

18) Pretty things will not comfort you in times of distress.

19) Vulnerability is power. Don’t be afraid of it.

20) What you exude, you attract. Check your signal.

21) Resigning yourself to failure requires your compliance. Success requires your faith.

22) Love is proven, not reiterated.

23) All the time spent hating yourself could have been used to change the world.

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