Honey You’re Home

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Hey Girl, Heeeey

Ever tried shooting a paper ball into a wastebasket? I miss nearly 95% of the time (don’t you dare judge me yet you just got here!). Missing those shots is how I got the name for this blog. Beyond trash bins, I miss the mark a lot. Like…a lot, a lot. But I always get right back up and keep swinging; you should too. I’m no coach or expert but I’m sure you can still learn from my mistakes. Welcome to your new home and the ultimate destination for growing pains. From breaking up to fucking up, Miss, Misses has you covered.

Dating Woes? Start here. 

{Quarter Life} Crisis? Start here. 

Life Change Problems? Start here. 

Self-Esteem Issues? Start here.

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Life, Love, & The Mistakes That Come With

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